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Embracing a 500-million-year old mystery in the Paleozoic Era Taebaek Gumunso source copy vod download

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Embracing a 500-million-year old mystery in the Paleozoic Era Taebaek Gumunso Dongjeom-dong Taebaek City, Gangwon Province Gumunso Pond Natural Monument No. 417 only and sing place where one is able to see the river flowing through the lime rocks in Korea archaic world meaning caves in Korean, Gumun bears a meaning of a "pond with a cave." Hwangjichon A stream flowing through Gumunso Pond, Hwangjichon is one of the tributaries of the Nakdong River. There are a few attractions around Gumunso Pond and Hwangjicheon. Samhyeongje(3-Brother) Falls Tongso The name of Tongso is originated from its appearance of looking after a long and thin manger Yongcheon It is a spring where underground water erupts and was used as a ritual water when holding rain calling ceremonies in olden days. The area df Gumunso Pond is toutec as an optimal place to observe the geological strate and bio fossils sccumulated since the Paleozoic era. Mulgyeonheun The ripple marks of Mulgyeonheun were made from the shallow sea, which indicates that this topography used to be a seaside. The Dry Structure This stratum is generated from the layers of wet mud being dried up and ceacked. Dry structures are usually created a lot from the rogions where there used to be mud flats. Trilobite Fossils Cephalopod(Squid in the Paleozoic era) Fossils Brachiopod(clams) Fossils The life and landscape hundreds of millions of years ago Encounter time of eternity Taebaek Gumunso
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