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Meeting Dinosaurs from Time Immemorial, Fossil Footprints of Dinosaurs source copy vod download

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"The fossils of extinct animals and plants in Uhang-ri, Haenam was once located underwater. As a sea dike was being constructed to connect the Hwawon Peninsula with Mokpo, the sea level in this area has been lowered and these were exposed. Such drift of these fossils is assumed to have been formed in the Cretaceous period about 83 - 85 million years ago, showing the structure of a river drift. This is a world-renowned distribution place of fossils. In the site, various fossils were found: fossilized footprints of dinosaurs, archaeopteryxes, birds, and petrified dinosaur bones. Among them, the discoveries of fossilized footprints of the oldest spieces of bird in the world and those of pteranodons, which were the first cases found in Asia, are especially remarkable, because they were found in the same layer and that supports the idea that this place was shared by birds and pteranodons at the same time. The place of extinct animals and plants' fossils in Haenam is the only place that shows the extinct lives' evolution and the environment in the Mesozoic era. This place consists of various strata and the particular river drift. Therefore, this place has been designated and protected as a Natural Monument for its scientific value."
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