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The hometown for Seongsanbyeolgok, Damyang Shikyoungjeong source copy vod download

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The hometown for "Seongsanbyeolgok" Area of the Damyang Shikyoungjeong Pavilion Nam-myeon, Damyang-gun, South Jeolla Province There is a big mountain behind Gwangju Lake and its old name is Byeolmoe. At one foot of the mountain, Shikyoungjeong Pavilion is situated. Area of the Damyang Shikyoungjeong Pavilion, Scenic Site No. 57 In the area, there are Shikyoungjeong Pavilion, Seohadang and Buyongjeong Pavilion. The Shikyoungjeong Pavilion is a place in which Im Eok-ryeong retiring from his government post in the Joseon Dynasty period took a rest. Shikyoungjeong Pavilion means a "pavilion in which shades take a rest." A many number of scholars used to frequent the pavilion and the most famous person was Songgang Jeong-cheol among them. Those scholars selected 20 scenic spots in Seongsan and wrote "Shikyoungjeong Isipyeong" by using the spots as material. Based on it, Songgang Jeong-cheol completed the "Seongsanbyeolgok", the highlight of the Korean lyric Literature. Shikyoungjeong Pavilion laid the groundwork for Korea's classic literature and the pavilion is considered to be a place which carries a historic and literary value. Reciting the Seongsanbyeolgok while sitting on the pavilion, the then-beautiful landscape of Seongsan rises before the mind.
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