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Lost in the white flagrance, Natural Habitat for Crinum Lilies Rabbit Island's source copy vod download

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Lost in the white flagrance of the Rabbit Island Rabbit Island's Natural Habitat for Crinum Lilies Located at Hado-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City Situated at 50m away from the seashore of Hado-ri, Jeju, the Rabbit Island is surrounded with rocks on the outside and on its inside sand land, a crinum colony has been formed. Rabbit Island's Natural Habitat for Crinum Lilies Natural Monument No. 19 Crinum lilies are perennial flowers in Amaryllidaceae and grow naturally in a sand land of the seaside with a warm climate. Every July to September, the white flowers of crinum lilies are in full bloom and they mainly burst into bloom in the deep of night. Their flagrance is strong. Korea's only and single natural habitat for crinum lilies The plentiful white flowers are in full bloom.
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