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The mysterious chimney made with lava gas, Hornito, Biyangdo, Jeju source copy vod download

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The mysterious chimney made with lava gas Biyangdo Hornito, Jeju Hyeopjae-ri, Hanlim-eup, Jeju City Biyangdo, whose volcanic activities are recorded in history is a case that its size and calculation conditions usually are rarely fathomed out. Biyangdo Hornito, Jeju, Natural Monument No. 439 The lava which is not cooled and is still flowing under the ground spouts out from the cracks of the ground surface in which the lava erupted from volcanic activity is cooled and hardened. Hornito was made by the lava pushed up by high pressure at a time when the gas contained in lava emits. The inside of the hornito is formed like an empty chimney and the largest hornito is 8 meters in height. The mysterious landscape which one enjoys in a blue night sky. Decorating the clean night sky of Jeju Biyangdo Hornito, Jeju
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