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The breeding place for black-tailed gulls Hongdo, Tongyeong source copy vod download

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The breeding place for black-tailed gulls Hongdo, Tongyeong Hongdo Tongyeong City South Gyeongsang Province Located in the southernmost of the South Coast, about 50 kilometers of Tongyeong Port. The breeding place for black-tailed gulls, Hongdo, Tongyeong Natural Monument No. 355 The largest breeding place for black-tailed gulls in the islands in the southern coast of Korea Hongdo, Tongyeong, the lighthouse island consisted of steep cliffs is the best optimum breeding ground for black-tailed gulls because the island does not have any natural enemy for the birds and has an abundance of fishing grounds. Particularly, as Hongdo is off-limits to visitors and the lighthouse is replaced with an unmanned system, recently the number of the black-tailed gull population is sharply increased. Black-tailed gull The name is derived from the similar sound of cat's crying. The birds have red and black stripes at the end of their beaks. Endemic species of Northeast Asia, which inhabit Korea, Japan and China. In April each year, tens of thousands of black-tailed gulls fly here to breed. A black-tailed gull lay 2-3 eggs in one mating and a mother bird with strong maternal love never leaves its nest whatever may happen while sitting on the eggs. A baby bird, which is hatched out in 25 days grows by the utmost love and protection of its mother bird. The ample nature in a remote and lonely island in the open sea raises a slew of lives. alive with the mystery of life The paradise for black-tailed gulls
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