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Geoje Haegeumgang, the cross-shaped sky which is opened over the sea source copy vod download

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The cross-shaped sky which is opened over the sea Geoje Haegeumgang Geoje Island The length of the coastline of which is the longest in Korea forms a magnificent sight as long as the meandering shoreline is. At the end of the southeast of the Geoje Island, the Geoje Haegeumgang is situated. Geoje Haegeumgang Scenic Site No. 2 Geoje Haegeumgang is an approximately 100-meter-high uninhabited island is constructed of 3 islands. The southeast part of the island is the cliff of the high and hewn-out rocks and is called the "Second Haegeumgang," or "Geoje Haegeumgang" as if the scenery resembled that of Mountain Geumgang. In the middle of the island, there is a narrow seaway in the four cardinal directions, which is the product of wave erosion for quite a long time. Here, you are able to see the open sky with a "cross" shape. At the end of Geoje Island, one meets the cross-shaped sky opened by the sea
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