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The whole area of Pahoe and Sushimdae in Muju Gucheon-dong source copy vod download

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Muldori, the Attraction Which One Meets in Autumn The Whole Area of Pahoe and Sushimdae ․ Muju Gucheon-dong Muju-gun, North Jeolla Province Muju Gucheon-dong Originating from Mt. Deokyu, Muju Gucheon-dong is a meandering valley spanning over 30 kilometers. The place is well-known for its good mountains and bright and clear water since old days. The Whole Area of Pahoe and Sushimdae ․ Muju Gucheon-dong Scenic Site No. 56 This is located at a place whose currents wind their way in a large S-shaped form and is the most unique topography in the Muju Gucheon-dong. Sushimdae The area is full of cliffs formed by the rapids which are dashed against the rocks and are eroded. making a magnificent view by being in harmony with its neighboring plants. A little down along the mountain current from the Sushimdae, there is the Pahoe. Pahoe The water which forms a little pond here shoots down the rapids, the fall-down of which displays the changeable looks. Gucheon-dong's deep valley enraptured by the waterway wound by the autumn
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