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Guryongryeongyet-gil, or an old cozy road which many years created source copy vod download

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An old cozy road which many years created Guryongryeongyet-gil San 1-1, Galcheon-ri, Seo-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon Province Guryongryeongyet-gil Scenic Site No. 29 A road from the top of Guryongryeong to the place located at Galcheon-ri, Seo-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon Province Peak, spanning 2.76km has been designated as a Scenic Site as it bears a value of preserving the natural ecosystem of the Baekdudaegan, the spin of the Korean Peninsula and the yet-gil, or old road in its entirety Guryongryeongyet-gil starts from the valley situated at Galcheon Village Guryongryeong is named after 9 dragons that were exhausted to cross over the 99 winding hills and quenched their thirst at a mineral spring in Galchen-ri village Legend is that a Yangyang's youth carrying a Suryeong, or a chief of the community administration in his back came running to Guryongryeong, the boarder where the Suryeongs of Yangyang and Hongcheon in the Joseon Dynasty promised to meet each other Myobanjaengi After the youth carrying a suryeong on his baxk rushed to Guryongryeong died of exhaustion, the people erected a tomb called "Myobanjaengi" in memory of him and the tomb is still left on the Yet-gil, or old road("Banjaengi"means the half of 99 winding hills) Guryongryeong is an uphill path along which Seonbi, or classical scholars which went to take gwageo, the highest-level state examination during the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty or peddlers carried items about for sale and is one of the important commodity trade routes, which connects Yeongdong to Yeongseo regions. Solbanjaengi "Solbanjaengi" in the midst of the Guryongryeongyet-gil is named after lots of pine trees The pine trees in Guryongryeong are noted for excellent lumber and so they are even used in the restoration of Gyeongbok Palace The Summit of Guryongryeongyet-gil At the summit of Guryongryeongyet-gil, 1013 meter above sea level you are able to see the wonderful landscape ofthe Baekdugdaegan, the spine of the Korean Peninsula It is said that when night falls, the starlight pouring into the summit of Guryongryeong was the brightest in the neighborhood and so, a many number of people used the Guryongryeongyet-gil Along the Guryongryeongyet-gil, you could feel the breath of nature which bears clouds, winds and stars
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