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The beautiful landscape hidden in the fantastic rocks, Mt. Juwang Valley, Cheongsong source copy vod download

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The beautiful landscape hidden in the rocks Cheongsong Mt. Juwang Valley The Whole area of Mt. Juwang, Valley cheongsong Scenic Site No. 11 Cheongsong-gun North Gyeongsang Province Also called Mt. Seokbyeong(meaning a mountain in witch rock faces are spread like a folding screen) Mt. Juwang forms a magnificent view by harmonizing with a countless of peaks. Walking along with the valley, you can see the peaks of the rocks lined up on both sides of the valley. Kiam Yeonhwa Peak Keupsoodae Siru Peak Climbing up the summit, you encounter the ravine, another mysterious land and the refreshing currents of water. The water of the valley creates a few waterfalls and ponds, Particularly, 3 out of the waterfalls add a value to the picturesque here. Waterfall 1 (Yongchu Waterfall) Waterfall 2 (Jeolgu Waterfall) Waterfall 3 (Yongyeon Waterfall) Fall in love with the beauty hidden in the fantastic rocks and valley Cheongsong Mt. Juwang Valley
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