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A pavilion where the Hwalim Valley loved Geoyeon Pavilion, Hamyang source copy vod download

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A pavilion where the Hwalim Valley loved Hamyang Geoyeon Pavilion Hwalim Valley Hamyang-gun South Gyeongsang Province The valley which is originated from Mt. South Deokyu is beautifully harmonized with rocks and currents streams so that the valley was loved a lot by scholars which appreciated the arts in the Joseon Dynasty. In the valley, there are many pavilions like Ramcheon Pavilion, Gunja Pavilion, Dongho Pavilion and Geoyeon Pavilion and so on all of which were built to be able to appreciate the landscape of the valley from its top. Geoyeon Pavilion and its neighboring area, located at Hwalim-dong, Hamyang Scenic Site No. 86 Geoyeon Pavilion shows the features of the pavilions in the Yeongnam regions a representative pavilion in the Hwalim Valley. Standing tall on a rock of strange shape at the center of the valley, Geoyeon Pavilion is in harmony with the valley and creates a dramatic ambience. Geoyeon Pavilion seems to resemble the character of the then scholars who were watching nature and enjoying the arts the pavilion which looked after the Hwalim Valley. Hamyang Geoyeon Pavilion
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