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Yeongwol Eorayeon, the Gem of the Dong River source copy vod download

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The gem of the Dong River Yeongwol Eorayeon Dong river A river which flows through the areas in Jeongseon-gun and Yeongwol-eup in Gangwon Province The Areas Around Eorayeon, Yeongwol, Scenic Site, No. 14 Geoun-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun Gangwon Province Eorayeon means a pond where scales of fish frisking in the river glitter like the texture of silk Eorayeon, a colony for wild animals along with the primeval scenery of nature is an area which bears an ecological conservation value and shows a variety of plant communities, adding to the value of a scenic site Abedrock called Samseon Rock rose at the heart of Eorayeon, Yeongwol The pine trees shot up through the strange rock formations and cliffs over Samseon Rock are in harmony with the sound of bright and clean water in the valley and make an impression, as if it were a breadth od an ink-and-washing painting The scenery of Eorayeon, Yeongwol, which is created by the ravine caused by the rise of the valley, the vertical cliffs formed from erosion process and the meandering is the top magnificent view of the Dong River An ink-and-wash painting which nature draws Eorayeon, Yeongwol
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