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Wisdom which is contained in bamboo nets Jukbangryeom, the Strait of Jijok, Namhae source copy vod download

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Wisdom which is contained in bamboo nets the Strait of Jijok, Namhae Jukbangryeom Namhae-gun South Gyeongsang Province Strait of Jijok A narrow water fork which passes between Samdong-myon and Changseon-do, Namhae, or South Sea of Korea Jukbangryeom, Strait of Jijok, Namhae Scenic Site No.71 Jukbangryeom is a method by which catches fish by installing stakes and bamboo nets at a fork fast-flowing currents. It has been old enough to have records in the Joseon Dynasty. Jukbangryeom is formed by oak stakes which are installed in a shallow mudflat and are arranged in a V shape. the ends of the stakes are hung weirs made of bamboo called "Tongbal," in which are able to keep fish. Tongbal woven with bambool is used to catch and keep fish. Once fish goes into the Tongbal net, the fish inside does not come out of it even though water recedes because the net is densely woven. In the Jukbangryeom out of which water recedes, you could see anchovies, the speciality of Namhae. Anchovies which navigate the fast-flowing Strait of Jijok are evaluated to be the best commodity because their texture and preservation status are excellent. You could learn wisdom of ancestors caught by bamboo nets in the Strait of Jijok, Namhae
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