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Somaemuldo Lighthouse Island, the blue jewel in the South Coast source copy vod download

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The blue jewel in the South Coast Somaemuldo Lighthouse Island Tongyoung City, South Gyeongsang Province Somaemuldo You can meet Somaemuldo along the about 26-kilometer sea route in Tongyeong. Somaemuldo Lighthouse Island Scenic Site No. 18 A little island whose original name is Haegeumdo is attached to So Maemuldo. When the gravel road which connects So Maemuldo with the Lighthouse island opens twice a day, you can come from and go to the two islands on foot. The exotic landscape which the white lighthouse on the cliff of the beach and green grassland created in harmony. The shore in the lighthouse island surrounded by steep cliffs and a variety of strange rocks. rocks and bizarre stones, like a folding screen presents a magnificent spectacle. Candlestick Rock Sea Cave The South Sea's first mysterious land which is created by the deep blue sea and rugged precipices with rocks of fantastic shape. In the land, time too flows slowly. The landscape of the paradise missing in the dreams Somaemuldo Lighthouse Island
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